📌 Please, DM to support team if you like to become a host at your city and connect to vegan travelers across the world. It could be a voluntary service at some level, whereas you will get fairly paid online for foods and other essential services etc.

📌 To become a host, you will require to write an email (with following documents in attachment) at:

1) Passport (First & Last page) & Tax Card. 

2) Bank Ac Details (to receive int. payment). 

3) Latest Bank Statement in PDF. 

📌 As a vegan host, you may do following things -

- Guiding about freshly cooked foods or raw cuisines available locally. 

- Arranging vegan facilities / accommodation as per local law. 

- Offer Relocation Services to Travelers. 

- Visit Animal Sanctuaries etc. 

- To learn about Local Vegan Businesses & their Owners. 

- Talk To Vegan Activists and find out about movements for Veganism. 

- Explore local Vegan Communities & org. 

- Attend Vegan Events. 

Support Team

WhatsApp # 8452036912 

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